Sunday, December 13, 2009

update- lovin' it

wow! i am thoroughly enjoying "the thing around my neck." i don't want to get too far into it now because i'm sure i will review it when i'm done. just wanted to give you an update. more than 1/2 way finished now. one of the pieces was so close to home for me, it forced me to take a break. before that, i was reading non-stop. anyway, i'll keep you posted......

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i am sorry that i have neglected this blog. i do have excuses and i will let you be the judge on whether they are acceptable. the biggest reason is that i have devoted my time to another blog i created. i have four in total and chose to simplify. (just in case you wish to check it out, it is passionista place @ my knowledge of blogging has come so far. seeing this blog almost makes me laugh at loud at how inexperienced i was at the time. anyway, on to my next excuse...

i have not been reading consistently. well, i haven't been reading whole novels. sometimes i reread parts of books or short stories. sometimes, i full myself on interesting blogs. i gave up on the book clubs for now. i guess im not so interested in someone else making the choices. plus, by the time i would get the books, it would be too late to catch up. other times when i got the books in time, the rsvps were closed. too damn complicated! those are my reasons, take it or leave it! (yes, i am being defensive, lol) i have been doing some reading lately so i guess i'll fill you in on what left an impression.

(my future plans include writing novels for young adults so i have been doing plenty of research. of course, i read the idiot's guide to writing for ya. but i have also been reading ya novels to get a feel for it.).

the BEST book was "the perks of being a wallflower"

incredible novel for all age groups. the characters were so human and relatable. the format was original and perfect for telling this story. look forward to more from this author.

another choice was the sisterhood of the traveling pants- i liked it for the most part. ann breshares (sp?) has a great knack for multiple main characters and narrator changes.

then there was "this lullaby" by sarah dessen

she is one of the top authors in the ya genre. i wanted to know why. dessen had feisty characters that i enjoyed (not those typical female mc that seem to be from the 50's). she also succeeded with the plot. i do feel, however, that she was hitting me over the head with the characterization. i wanted to yell out "she's troubled, I GET IT!" but besides that, i don't recall any other issues.

then by whim (i needed something to read while grabbing breakfast alone at a diner) i purchased twilight from a nearby rite aid. i had heard the buzz but never dreamed that i would be interested in that vampire hoopla. and for the first couple of chapters, i was not impressed. but all of a sudden, i was swept away by the edward/bella saga. i thoroughly enjoyed it. it was not horror, it was love. the characters and their conflicts were compelling. the setting was so vivid. i practically shivered while reading about the damp, cloudy town where the cullens camp out. fantastic book. i even saw the movie and plan on reading and watching "new moon."

rite now, i am reading "the thing around my neck" by adiche. you may recall me mentioning her and this book before. the library finally got it in and so far, i am enjoying it. hope you accept my apologies and i hope i am able to post more frequently.