Wednesday, June 24, 2009

one book club down...

had my book club meeting happy i can finally say that now. my very first book club meeting milestone. awww!!! anyway, i thought i would write about it immediately before i forgot any more of the details. it was at this italian restaurant that i've been to before. i thought the food ended up getting in the way of the discussion, actually. the woman across from me ordered calamari (the appetizer) and i was kicking myself for not doing the same. i got pasta.

back to the topic at hand...the leader of the group set it up quite well. she also had a worksheet full of questions, middle school style. that helped the flow of conversation when we had an awkward lull. i must say, she was also quite welcoming. just by looking at them, there didn't seem to be much diversity. of course, that's surface stuff. i was very surprised at how vocal i was. many people mistake me for being quiet. they don't know how opinionated and strong willed i can be. anyway, i certainly contributed my two cents even when it didn't seem like the popular or pc things to say. i counteracted points when i saw flaws. overall, i was myself. being the "minority" person at the group, sometimes you try to not be too intimidating or too vocal. don't want to be perceived as the "angry black girl." but, i think i achieved a satisfying balance. i met some pretty interesting people at the book club. interesting people, great discussion...whats not to love. can't wait for the next meeting!

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