Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the thing around my neck

okay, so i already raved about chimamanda ngozi adichi in a previous post. you may recall me discussing the short story collection, This Is Not Chick Lit (she contributed the story The Thing Around My Neck). well, the rest of the world is starting to see what i saw apparently. lately, her name is all over the place, specifically, on the pages of elle. Fab-u-lous!

seems she's written a few books before. her new book is her own short story collection with the title of the short story that introduced me to her in the first place. the settings for the twelve stories included are divided between the U.S and her native Nigeria. look forward to tales about assimilation, cultural issues, gender issues and alienation. i, most definitely, can't wait to get my hands on this one...

i did some research on ms. adichi and the results are in...i like her. of course, i am a fan of her work but i also like HER. she's intelligent and feisty. similar to me, she is not crazy about labels. she is also unapologetically opinionated and frank. i love it! plus, she's only thirty-one. many women (and some men) don't exert that type of self awareness until waaaay later in life (oh yeah, she is also a virgo. i get virgos. i am virgo). ms. chimamanda adichi, i will be watching, reading and (im sure) enjoying.

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  1. I love all postcolonial writing. they have similar themes. Do you also like Edwidge Danticat? There is also this great book by a sengalese writer, Fatou Fiome (belly of the atlantic). I will have to put this book you read on my list.