Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The library is just not what it use to be. I remember days in school where instead of going out to play kickball or the other recess activities, I would shrink away to myI favorite place. The library has always been my oasis, filled with books, peace and quiet. Its one of the few places where small talk is not necessary; in fact, its shunned. Or at least, it was....Lately, my trips to the library have been chaotic, uncomfortable. It seems that the quiet requirement is a thing of the past. I find that even the librarians talk in an unusually and unnecessary loud tone. The old people take up all of the tables reading newspapers. There is a huge, disgruntled line for the computers. The entire layout of the library makes it difficult to look for books. Then, there is the caliber of people who now frequent the library. Overall, they seem to be annoying, confused souls who are always in my way. Once, I came across a mentally ill woman cursing out her invisible friends at the top of her healthy lungs. The day before yesterday, I was assaulted with the stench of an old drunk who chose to take a nap in the fiction section. I miss my library, where I could escape my troubles, not add to them. Sorry if this sounds too Mike Rooney...

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